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Pets Plus Horse Supplies is a pet family owned store since 2004 who cares about your dogs, cat, and horses safety and comfort. Traveling with your dog and cat over the Holidays is great fun when you have the right pet supplies. Soft sided dog crates come in all sizes, very functional and most are airline approved. Wooden dog crates are made to match any homes decor, and provides your pup with his "own secure dog den area" to feel safe in. Pets should always be kept restrained in a vehicle as they are our kids too. Well designed pet car seats provide protection, and security for your dog and owners.

Cold winter weather is here, don't let your dog, or horse be left out to fight the elements without a warm dog coat and horse blanket. You can be assured knowing your dog is having great time on walks at play, or even while waiting in the Freezing car for you because he is wearing his very own fleece lined water resistant dog coat. Protect his paws from frost bite with dog boots. Horse blankets can protect your horse from not only the cold but wet weather too. They come in many fashionable designs are waterproof,and highly breathable to keep your horse comfortable.

Why shop at Pets Plus Horse Supplies? We strive to bring personal customer service to all our customers. Our motto: If you don't see what your looking for let us know, and we will do our best to find it for you." We have access to thousands of pet products, and know how valuable your time is.